HEUSSEN co-organized the Dutch employment law seminar with the West Holland Investment Agency and Asia Business Centre in the Hague

China seminar

China is the third largest investor in the Netherlands in 2016 according to the annual report of Netherlands Foreign Investment Agency. For many years, the Dutch subsidiaries of Chinese companies created many jobs in the Netherlands.  In order to assist Chinese companies acquiring more knowledge of Dutch employment law and the common employment practice in the Netherlands, the West Holland Investment Agency (“WFIA”), Asia Business Centre and HEUSSEN co-organized the seminar in the Hague for over 60 guests on 20 March 2017. At the occasion of this seminar, both the director of the WFIA and the Commercial Counselor of the Chinese embassy gave a welcome speech.

HEUSSEN’s employment law partner Nils van Dijkman, responsible partner for HEUSSEN’s China desk, Stan Robbers, and HEUSSEN’s Head of China desk Ying Cui gave a presentation regarding Dutch employment law addressing topics such as  the different types of employment contracts, dismissal procedures and illness and incapacity of work. After the presentation, the guests and Nils van Dijkman had an interactive Q&A session to discuss the questions the numerous employers present encounter in their daily operations.  

If you would like to receive a copy of this slides of the presentation at this seminar, please contact Ying Cui.