HEUSSEN and Liesker Procesfinanciering work together


 ‘Litigation financing available for HEUSSEN clients’

HEUSSEN has entered into a strategic cooperation with Liesker Procesfinanciering, the market leader in the Dutch legal market in the field of litigation financing. This cooperation offers clients of HEUSSEN the possibility to have a promising lawsuit financed by Liesker.


HEUSSEN is convinced that combining knowledge and skills leads to better service. The cooperation with Liesker is the ideal next step in that regard.


HEUSSEN provides legal services of the highest quality while keeping into consideration the practical and commercial interests of our clients. Sometimes our clients do not pursue their claims, due to financial reasons. That is unnecessary. The decision whether or not to take legal action should depend solely on the chances of success. Litigation financing can be a solution.


HEUSSEN has been working with Liesker for some time and is looking forward to deepen the cooperation. Litigation financing is thriving in the Netherlands. Nevertheless, it remains an unknown option for some. We see enormous opportunities for our clients. Litigation financing lowers the threshold to seek justice, also in relation to commercial claims. HEUSSEN represents clients in commercial and corporate law disputes. We believe that litigation financing is a great fit for both practices.


If clients are interested, HEUSSEN can bring them in contact with Liesker with regard to financing in relation to claims of at minimum EUR 500,000. If Liesker decides to finance the case, they will take over the client's financial risk. The proceedings will remain under the supervision of HEUSSEN. If the case is won, the costs of the litigation are paid from its proceeds. The remaining amount is divided between the client and Liesker according to a 70/30 ratio. In the event of a loss, the client is exempted from costs.


About Liesker Procesfinanciering

Liesker Procesfinanciering, founded in 2011, provides financing of promising lawsuits, of both private individuals and companies, with a minimum claim value of EUR 500,000. The proceedings are handled by external lawyers. If the case is won, the legal costs are paid from the proceeds and the remaining amount is divided between the client and the financier according to a 70/30 ratio. In the event of a loss, the claimant is exempted from costs. The majority of the cases that Liesker finances concern commercial disputes. Liesker has various in-house specialisms: cartel damage, intellectual property and family law. For other areas of expertise, they refer to their network of top lawyers. Liesker Procesfinanciering is the market leader in the Netherlands with an office in Brussels for the Belgian market.