(Partially) paid paternal leave as of 2 August 2022

New regulation
On 2 August 2022, the Paid Parental Leave Act entered into effect. This regulation allows parents with an employment contract to take (partially) paid parental leave for a period of 9 out of the total of 26 weeks of parental leave. The condition is that the paid parental leave is taken during the first year of the child’s life.

Transitional law
The child must be younger than 1 year old at the time the new law takes effect. As such, the (partially) paid parental leave applies to some parents who already had a child before 2 August 2022.

The benefit
The benefit for the (partially) paid parental leave is paid by UWV and is set at 70% of the employee’s salary, up to the maximum daily wage. The maximum statutory benefit thereby (currently) amounts to EUR 3,545.91 gross (EUR 5,065.58*0.70). During the period of (partially) paid parental leave, an employee also accrues paid holidays and holiday allowance. Parental leave is paid by the UWV either to the employer or directly to the employee.