Upcoming Seminar | Dutch litigation: several things to know and practical tips for Chinese companies in case of disputes in the Netherlands

On September 7, 2023, at 16:00, HEUSSEN will hold a seminar on how to deal with legal disputes that Chinese companies in the Netherlands may face. Herman Ruiter, Luuk Rietveld and Dr. Yihua Chen will discuss the Dutch court system and litigation. In addition, the seminar will also explore the Dutch litigation procedures and enforcement of court judgments, alternative dispute resolution methods, and how Chinese companies in the Netherlands can better protect their interests and mitigate their legal risks. If your business has already encountered legal disputes in the Netherlands but has little understanding of the Dutch legal culture and litigation mechanisms, or if you do not know how to better negotiate, mediate and litigate potential future disputes, please register for this seminar and join the lawyers from HEUSSEN to get a better understanding of litigation in the Netherlands and tips and tricks on how to protect your business interests therein.

For information on the event information and registration, please click here.