HEUSSEN organized an “Investment in the Netherlands and Cross-border M&A Seminar” for a Shanghai Delegation

HEUSSEN was honored to be able to share information and experience on investment in the Netherlands and cross-border M&A with companies and friends from Shanghai.

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Responsible partner of HEUSSEN China Practice (Stan Robbers) and the Head of China Practice (Wendy Liu) gave presentations related to the legal climate for doing business in the Netherlands, starting from the introduction of choices of business types, employment management and the potential contractual risks. Subsequently, based upon the five major phases in an M&A transaction, partner Stan Robbers introduced the main aspects involved in cross-border mergers and acquisitions in the Netherlands from the perspective of a non-auction process of shares acquisition, combined with practical experiences and cases.

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The members of the delegation shared their thoughts and raised questions with respect to the differences between the Dutch and Chinese legal entities, the necessity of an extensive due diligence investigation and earn-out arrangements. HEUSSEN gave the professional answers to the members of the delegation.

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