18. März 2019

Status update on the modernisation of Dutch corporate law

On 20 December 2018, the Minister of Legal Protection sent an update letter concerning the ongoing modernisation of Dutch corporate law to Parliament. In this news update we will summarize the six subjects of the update letter.

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15. März 2019

Stricter legislation for trust companies

On January 1, 2019, the Dutch Trust Companies (Supervision) Act 2018 (TCSA 2018) entered into force. In this Act, which replaces the Trust Companies (Supervision) Act from 2004, stricter rules for Trust Companies have been included.

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15. Februar 2019

Bill Transparency Social Organisations

On 21 December 2018, the bill on Transparency of Social Organisations (hereinafter: the "bill") was submitted for consultation. The bill obliges social organisations, including foundations and associations, to publish large financial donations received. In addition, the bill obliges foundations to disclose financial information.

Ihr Kontakt: Dominique Grotegoed

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13. Februar 2019


In March 2019, the Dutch draft 'Act on registration of ultimate beneficial owners of companies and other legal entities' will be published. Our finance minister W.B. Hoekstra informed the Parliament about the publication of the draft act in a letter with a time table for this year as an appendix (dated 18 December 2018).

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28. Januar 2019 - Buchveröffentlichung

Martijn Koot and Sandy van der Schaaf contributed the The Netherlands chapter to the fifth edition of The Acquistion and Leveraged Finance Review

The Acquisition and Leveraged Finance Review, one of the guides of The Law Reviews, published by Law Business Research Limited, provides a business-focused legal analysis of and insight in the acquisition and leveraged finance practice in key jurisdictions worldwide. Martijn Koot, partner in our banking and finance practice and in our corporate law practice and Sandy van der Schaaf, senior associate in our banking and finance practice contributed the The Netherlands chapter to the fifth edition of The Acquisition and Leveraged Finance Review, which is available as enclosed PDF.

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24. Januar 2019

New Government proposes changes in employment law (update)

In this newsletter, we will first elaborate on the new Bill on the Labour Market in Balance Act (WAB), which has been submitted on 7 November 2018 to Parliament. Most of the previously reported plans as described in our newsletter are outlined in this Bill, together with some newly proposed measures. In addition, we will briefly discuss the status of the previous reported plans that have not returned in this Bill.

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14. Januar 2019


HEUSSEN assisted KidsFoundation with the acquisition of Kindercentrum Belle Fleur. With this acquisition, KidsFoundation expands its activities in the Dutch child care business.

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4. Januar 2019

Das Niederländische Handelsgericht hat die Arbeit aufgenommen

gerechtsgebouw 20190104

Am 1. Januar 2019 wurde das Niederländische Handelsgericht (NCC) gegründet. Damit wird die englischsprachige Streitbeilegung im niederländischen Staatsgerichtssystem eingeführt. Das NCC ist als Fachkammer beim Amsterdamer Gericht eingerichtet. Laut NCC ist es "gut positioniert, um internationale Geschäftsstreitigkeiten schnell und effektiv beizulegen".


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28. November 2018

Compensation for transition payment in 2020? Make sure your administration is in order and pay attention to the time frames.

On 10 July 2018 the Upper House of Parliament approved the legislative proposal that regulates a compensation for the statutory severance compensation, referred to as ‘transition compensation’, paid by employers to employees in the event of dismissal due to long-term incapacity for work.

Ihr Kontakt: Suzanne Gerritse

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12. November 2018

Interpretation of a right of first refusal provision in the articles of association of a B.V.

In a recent case, the District Court Midden-Nederland has ruled in a dispute about a statutory right of first refusal provision in a joint venture in the form of a Dutch private company with limited liability (B.V.) with two shareholders, each holding 50% of the shares. The articles of association of the B.V. included a right of first refusal provision, which stipulated, among other things, that if control of a shareholder changed within the meaning of the Code of Conduct with respect to mergers as adopted by the Dutch Economic and Social Council and this shareholder had direct or indirect control over the joint venture (also as referred to in that Code of Conduct), this shareholder had to offer its shares to the other shareholder.

Ihr Kontakt: Thijs L. Butter

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9. November 2018

Heussen speaks at the Brabant - Wuxi Business Day

Heussen was invited by the Government of North Brabant and the Wuxi Municipal Governmentto introduce the legal climate for doing business in the Netherlands

Brabant Wuxi Business Day 2018

Ihr Kontakt: Wendy Liu

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29. Oktober 2018

The preparation and publication of annual accounts: the group exemption of article 2:403 of the Dutch Civil Code

Each legal entity is obliged to draw up annual accounts that meet the requirements of Title 9 of Book 2 of the Dutch Civil Code and to file them for public inspection with the trade register.

Heussen is happy to advise on the relevant legal aspects of the 403 group exemption and assist with the drafting and filing of a 403 declaration and declaration of consent. 

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