Corporate Social Responsibility

At HEUSSEN we realize that our activities have impact, not only in our direct surroundings but sometimes far wider.

We are therefore committed to ensuring that our business is environmentally responsible and to continuously improving our performance, to taking care of our people who are our greatest asset and to giving back to society through charity or sponsoring. In our business operations we try to take into account the three P’s: People, Planet and Profit.

People: Diversity

We strongly believe that a varied and diverse work culture, in which diversity is a key element, is essential to a successful business. We employ people with different nationality, race, religion, gender, background, origin and orientation and we will actively continue to seek and promote such a diversity. We believe in and actively support the principle of equal opportunities in recruitment and career.

Furthermore we invest in our people to develop their professional skills and to encourage personal development, with a view to unlocking their individual talents and achieving their full potential.

Planet: Sustainability

When choosing our new office in 2012, the environmental aspect of housing was an important issue in the decision making process. The Oval Tower is the first office building in the Netherlands to be transformed into a Green Building to meet the American Green Building Council’s Core & Shell standards. Multiple energy saving constructions have been implemented and the external areas have been comprehensively redesigned and re-landscaped according to LEED® standards. Ample storage for bycicles has been provided. The restaurant in the building provides biological food only.

Furthermore HEUSSEN is located next to a train and subway station and has installed its own EV-two charching-points for electric cars.

We take care of our working environment by stimulating digital operation and two sided printing to reduce the amount of paper used.

Profit: Community

Supporting charities and sponsoring cultural institutes is one of the key ways that we give some of our profit back to society.

HEUSSEN as a firm, but also its people individually, frequently sponsor or donate time to charities or institutions and causes that need support. These causes may vary from well-known musea to local sport clubs, small theatre projects, local schooling projects, religious institutions and literacy projects.